Wet Taps, Drilling, and Other Services

At Skinner Horizontal Utilities Service we provide a variety of construction services. Our specialty is in the underground utility industry and we can take care of your horizontal drilling and wet taps needs.  

Wet (Hot Taps) 3" - 20''
Do you need wet tapping for your water, sewer, or refuse mains? We utilize a Romac Industries tapmate tapping machine to take care of your job. 

Non-Vertical Drilling 
Are you looking for horizontal drilling for your construction project? Our 1 to 2 inch directional drills can handle the toughest drilling jobs. We use a PowerMole PD-4 pipe pusher and can push up to 125’ long at a single time.  

Water & Sewer Service Installation
Does your sewer setup require installation? We can provide long side and short side water or sewer installation services.  

How do we perform our services? 

A common situation for our service is working as a subcontractor for a contractor onsite. The contractor can excavate the main line to expose it, and then we can install the stainless steel sleeve and tapping gate value. We perform a pressure test to make sure there are not leaks after the installation of the sleeve and value. After passing the pressure test we break down the testing equipment, bolt our machine to the gate value opening and cut the pipe. After cutting is finished we back the tapping machine back and close the value.  

We can provide full service as well doing all of our own work, from excavation and back fill of wet tap installation to the sleeve and value installation. We have full capability to excavate our own bore pits as well.  

To learn more about our Florida drilling services and how they help your new residential or commercial building, call us today (904)266-9006. 

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